The 10 oldest Time Loops

(Will  Groundhog Day make it onto the list?) 

Jeff always dies at 43 - Very good! Because after that he's young again!  

Nr. 9 Back to the Future (1985-1990)

Back to the Future I-III doesn't exactly offer the perfect time loop - but a multitude of deja-vus!

Poor Eddison! In Philip K.Dick's short story, his time machine degenerates into a time loop 

Poor Myron! Lupuff's short story condemns him to repeat a boring lunch break 

Poor Adam will be innocently executed on his groundhog day! But at least he gets a hangman's meal every day

Oh dear! Sheila just shot her husband. Let's keep our fingers crossed for him for the next round!

Walter has a really bad deja vu at this party. Didn't a nightmare start the same way? Yes. Unfortunately, very often ...    

Joe (left) would like to swap jobs and wife with Ted (right). Fortunately, there is a time loop that enables just that!   

Here we have the first Greek who thought it would be a good idea to challenge the gods. An eagle is now eating its liver. Day after day      

And another greek thought it was a good idea to mess with the gods. Now he's dragging a stupid stone up the mountain forever