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City 2048 – How to get a new high score

City 2048 is an addictive turn based game. It’s easy to play. But it’s very hard to get a new High score. I show you how to achieve

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What are the rules?
What types of bonus are there?
What is the point of the game?
How to get a new High Score?
A new grid

What are the rules?

2048 is played on a plain 4×4 grid, with buildings above that slide when a player moves them in the direction of one of the four sides.

Every turn, a new facility randomly appears in an empty spot on the board. The new building can only be a level one or level zero building. All facilities slide as far as possible in the chosen direction until they are stopped by either another building or the edge of the grid.

If two buidlings of the same value collide while moving, they will merge into a facility which is one level better. The resulting building cannot merge with another building again in the same move.

What types of bonus are there?

There are 3 types of bonus.

1. The undo-bonus

The undo-bonus will be your most frequently used bonus. You can completely undo a move with that bonus. If you have maneuvered yourself into a dead end over several moves, you can take back several moves with several bonuses.

This bonus is the only one that will regenerate. After a minute of waiting you will receive a new bonus. You can receive a maximum of two undo bonuses: In the case when you click on an advertisement.

The garbage-bonus

Sometimes it becomes necessary to clear the fields. Maybe because you don’t have any free space anymore, or because a certain square is blocked by a building. This bonus removes all level 0 and level 1 buildings from the whole grid.

How do I get the garbage-bonus?

There is just one option here. You will only receive this bonus when constructing a level 10 building.

3. The 38-Bonus

Wouldn’t it be nice to just get a high-level building for free?

The 38 bonus does exactly that. You get a facility with any level (random mode) on a random playing field. Whereby any means in this case, from level 2 – up to your current highest building level.

How do I get the 38-bonus?

There is only one option here, too. You will only receive this reward when constructing a level 10 building.

What is the point of the game?

There are two different goals, but they are closely related.

My score is currently 300,000 points. This puts me in the no man’s land ranking between No. 3000 and 4000. So my medium-term goal is to get into the top 1000. Vitali, number one in the ranking, currently leads with 463 million points. So there’s a factor of 20 between me and the front runner.

However, another player can have a different goal. E.g. to find out what the next higher building looks like.

How to get a new High Score?

What is the best strategy? It took me about 6 hours to get the position above.

And these rules pave the way for being able to stay in the game and improve your personal record:

1. The building with the highest level must stay in one of the four corners of the grid

In my case, this building is in the north corner. So I was able to safely swipe northeast and northwest during the entire game setup. Secured by the grid boundary, the top building was able to hold its position in the northern corner. Of course you can also choose one of the other 3 corners for your game setup.

2. The single file

The next more valuable facilities must follow like a string of pearls according to their level.

City 2048 The single File-line-up

In the picture above you can see the perfect single file from the level 0 facility to level 13. Once you have reached a position like this, all you have to do is swipe in the direction of the arrows. And the level 14 building will surely appear.

If something gets mixed up, you will no longer have any cord that you can unravel at the end. In that case you only have a tangled ball left. Depending on how well you can improvise, you will survive another 20 or 30 rounds. But then at the latest, only nodes will remain on the grid. And that was it then. There will simply be no free space left for a new building. Game over.

3. The mitigation

In theory, the tips above may be sufficient. In practice, however, you are sometimes forced to break the rules. I couldn’t always wipe northeast or northwest, either. Sometimes there is simply no rule-compliant move if you swipe in that direction.

Once you have lined up the four highest-ranking buildings, the problem is halved. Now the southwestern edge of the grid ensures that you can wipe in this direction without destroying your line up.

This left the southeast flank open. Sometimes I was just lucky. The newly generated level 1 building often appeared on a playing field where it did no damage. Occasionally, however, it would sit precisely in the gap created in the carefully constructed single file.

Now is the time for the undo-bonus. You take your turn back. And do it again. The newly generated building is placed on an empty field again by the program in a random mode. And probably one that no longer affects your structure.

It can also happen that in a critical position, a decisive move is almost possible. Wouldn’t a level 0 / level 1 building block that out. The garbage bonus is ideal for this situation. He simply deletes all level 0/1 facilities on the grid!

4. Keep your hands off the 38 bonus!

Yes, it is alluring to get a high-level building for free, but you have to resist the temptation! It will only put you on the wrong track. You can’t control anything with the 38 bonus. The exact value of the facility is uncertain. And you do not know their place in the grid in advance either.

What use is an almost perfect single file structure with a great building somewhere in the middle? Nothing at all. Your laboriously worked out chain will break exactly at this point later.

A new grid

After more than 6 hours of play, I finally broke up the single file. I was just expecting a new building. In fact, a grid in space design appeared beside the level 14 facility. It works by the same rules as the original playing field.

However, the programmers added 6 more building levels to this grid. That doesn’t make it easier to unlock all buildings. In fact, the space on the grid becomes so tight towards the end of the game that you can no longer afford to make any mistakes.

And that’s almost it for this post! If I ever manage to build the facility with the highest level, I will link an overview of all facilities including the points and bonuses.

What do you think? That would be interesting! Just write your thoughts in the ⇓comment box below ⇓!


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