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DER SPIEGEL: The Jesus Christ covers

With The Jesus Christ covers the series DER SPIEGEL takes a new round. Klick hier für die deutsche Version


Thus Jesus Christ is represented in the current issue of the SPIEGEL. But how did DER SPIEGEL present him in earlier edidtions?

DER SPIEGEL is one of the most important German weekly magazines, and the title pictures are a real hit. The SPIEGEL cover even made it into exhibitions in museumsFor all subsequent covers the copyright is at DER SPIEGEL

DER SPIEGEL The Jesus Christ covers: The review


With this edition in the early seventies, everything began. Andrew Lloyd Webber released 1971 Jesus Christ Superstar. This thing, something between musical and rock opera, became a huge success. Like all giant successes, follower tried to get money with a similar number. A new short-lived trend was born.

However, it did not last long.


Only a quarter of a century later, Jesus Christ reappeared on the cover of DER SPIEGEL.

Can religious symbols be hang up in secular schools?

This was the crucial question in deed.

No, they can not. This was at least the view of the Federal Constitutional Court, the highest court in Germany. However, hardly a principal really remove the crucifixes with Jesus.

Here we have once again a great case of keep cool: the opposite is correct too!

The European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2011: Well, surely a state can dictate the hanging of crucifixes


Jesus Christ in pop style by Andy Warhol. DER SPIEGEL tries in historical search. Who was Jesus Christ really?


The faithful walk away from the church. And they have been doing this for a good while. In the meantime, this SPIEGEL cover has existed for two decades. The Christian population accounted for 64.4% of the total population in 2001 (in Germany). In 2015, the value declined to 56 Percent. Man, everything is in decline.


And again Jesus Christ at the last supper. This time, DER SPIEGEL is on the search for the holy grail. This SPIEGEL cover could get the twin award. But there is still a better one.


No. This was not about the Turin shroud. The cause for the cover was Mel Gibson’s film The Passion of Christ. The film ended up among the 10 most successful films in 2004. And DER SPIEGEL added a story of the crucifixion.


Here, DER SPIEGEL illuminates the beginnings of Christianity.


A typical Easter issue of the SPIEGEL. Here, the SPIEGEL showed Jesus Christ as a rebel and dissident.


Did Judas really deserve a cover? Hard to say. In any case, he is not the only traitor who made it on a cover picture in SPIEGEL.

Does anyone know the original painting? I’ve tried to find it but unfortunately without result.

…and the Twin award goes to…


The jubilee edition. 2000 years after Jesus Christ’s birth, Der Spiegel is asking what remains of Jesus Christ.


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