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DER SPIEGEL: The Donald Trump Covers

With DER SPIEGEL – The Donald Trump covers, the series is entering a new round. (German version is here)

US presidential election: it’s half bad!

Fox News slammed Donald Trump with a pretty good question last Sunday (8/16/20). Would Trump accept an election result if Joe Biden won?

This question caught the American President obviously unprepared. After some hesitation, he replied: „I have to see. I’m not going to just say yes.“ That led to great excitement in the classic media. Did Donald Trump put the ax to the basic values of democracy? To make matters worse, Trump had several times considered postponing the election of the US president to a time more convenient for him.

But I can reassure you: the whole case is just half exiting. If Donald Trump is re-elected president, he shouldn’t have to see it first. Then he would just say yes.

This is how Trump is portrayed in the current issue of SPIEGEL. But was the president presented even nicer earlier, when everything was better?

The review – Trump on the cover – Today with …

The frequency of American presidents on the cover of Der Spiegel
The top ten most important people on the cover of SPIEGEL
The conventional Donald Trump covers
The orange series  (Covers by Edel Rodriguez)
Mentions in the lower headline

The frequency of American presidents on the cover of DER SPIEGEL

There is at least one thing trump can do better than anyone else. Trump cuts like a knife through warm butter in the Top ten list of the US-Presidents on the SPIEGEL covers…

Just 4 years ago, Trump appeared on the SPIEGEL cover for the first time. Since then, the editorial staff of SPIEGEL has placed him on the cover more than 50 times. Trump is already in first place in the niche list of presidents of the United States! Reagan and Obama, who are behind him, on the other hand, came to the full 8 years that a US president can have.

Fun fact: Trump is now leading by a huge margin. He appears on the cover just as often as the runner-up, the third and fourth combined.

The data series begins with my year of birth: 1970. Nixon has probably lost some of the SPIEGEL cover as a result.

The top ten most important people on the cover of SPIEGEL

A bit has changed since the graphic was last published. Donald Trump has now left Helmut Schmidt behind, after former Chancellor Willy Brandt and almost Chancellor Franz Josef Strauss. And the only two Russians, Gorbachev and Putin, are now behind Trump in this ranking.

For the tiny size of one cover picture Merkel sneaked up on the eternal (?) Leader Helmut Kohl.

The conventional Donald Trump covers

Here Trump makes it on the following cover pictures:


The orange series

Additionally there is the orange series of really well-made caricatures. They come from the exiled Cuban Edel Rodriguez. (and here is a link to his blog)


The big picture with the falling bombs also comes from SPIEGEL. But they published it as a part of the SPIEGEL daily.

Mentions in the lower headline

In the lower headline, Trump comes with the following Numbers:

47/2016 Obama’s legacy

51/2016 Trump and Putin: Two alpha men split the planet

5/2017 Trump: campaign against the German economy

8/2017 What did Trump know and when did he know?

13/2017 This is how people live who voted for Trump

15/17 Trump’s attack on Assad

21/17 The self-destruction of Donald Trump

27/17 Trump’s best friends: dangerous game of the new right

33/17 Trump and Kim risk nuclear war

50/17 Dispute over Jerusalem – Trump’s decision: what is happening now in the Middle East

11/18 The trade war – Trump attacks Germany’s prosperity

16/18 Get ready Russia – Donald Trump risks world war

21/18 Trump’s affairs – A brief encounter with Stormy Daniels

22/18 – First Iran, now North Korea – Donald Trump and the global political chaos

23/18 Trump versus Germany – now the trade war begins – who will lose it

30/2018 Trade war, NATO crisis, etc – wintering in times of Trump

8/19 US Presidency – The woman who wants to challenge Trump

10/19 Does the system Trump implode?

18/19 US Presidency – These Democrats could pose a threat to Trump

34/19 Merkel vs. Trump: German-American Ice Age

43/19 Arnold Schwarzenegger – The „Terminator“ about duels with Trump and strength training at 72

47/19 From Watergate to Trump: the power and tragedy of the whistleblower

9/20 The Assange Files – Trump’s hunt for the Wikileaks founder

14/20 Kamikaze Donald – Trump plays with the lives of the poor

16/20The infected states of America – How Trump is driving his country into corona collapse

18/20 Trump’s Victims – How the plague rages in the USA

23/20Trump – his revenge on Twitter and Co

30/20 Ex-advisor Bolton „Understand Trump? Forget it!“

32/20 Trump niece Mary „people die because Donald fails“

And here is the main page:

Themenübersicht Spiegel Titelbilder

Have I overlooked a SPIEGEL cover picture that goes with this post? Or do you have any suggestions for other topics related to the SPIEGEL Cover series? That would be interesting! Just write them in the ⇓comment box⇓ below!

DER SPIEGEL is one of the German weekly magazines with the highest circulation, and they really got great covers. The SPIEGEL covers have even made it to exhibitions in museums. DER SPIEGEL holds the copyright for all covers

This is the updated version of an article that first appeared in the fall of 2018. I have now renewed the article about Trump on the cover 6 times. Lonely record.


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